Cleveland Sports City

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Cleveland city sporty and dynamic.

Experienced joggers and runners share their favourite courses.

Explanations with Cleveland-area running experts. They widely distribute their "playgrounds." Or do you want to go jogging or walking in Cleveland? Since 1978, the Cleveland Marathon has been held. Pride of many local runners whether they are amateur or experienced. This year the Cleveland marathon rite-aid will not be able to run normally. But the organizers decided to give the start in a virtual way. Yet many practitioners continue their training.

Seasoned marathoners or beginners, everyone will find their own course.

Jogging in the city or on the outskirts to find nature there are not enough routes to stay active.

Mark Brinich.

President of the Cleveland West Road Runners Club shares his favorites:

After more than 20 times at the start of a Mark Marathon, president of Cleveland's oldest runners' club has worn out numerous pairs of shoes on Cleveland roads. His favourite race: Metroparks meet. His favorite route is Cleveland Metroparks Park in Rocky River. This course is etched in my memory, I started my sporting life and running at the age of six in this beautiful setting.

The start is on Detroit Road in Lakewood and takes us for about ten kilometers to the Nature Center. These paths are always varied and allow to diversify the training. Everyone can find the joy of effort whether they are runners, walkers or cyclists.

Sarah Orbol:

Winner of the Cleveland Marathon in 2018, qualifying race for the Olympic Games tells us of his favorite race. Lake Road, or departure is located in Bay Village in Huntington beach and ending at Bradstreet's Landing on Rocky River. This trail of just under six kilometres offers unparalleled environmental diversity with magnificent views of the lake. Just walk to the beach to enjoy the sunrise over downtown Cleveland it's splendid.

Liz Stark:

Co-director of Run Wild Cleveland prefers downtown. A two-kilometre loop in the heart of Cleveland's Down Town. After a short warm-up, the start is located on the site of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and will head to Voinovich Park and Rock Hall. A "secret" path passes under the museum towards the Great Lakes Science Center. This course is ideal for the beginner as well as for the rider passionate about lap times who tries to break his personal bests.

Drake Sulzer:

Marketing Director of Fleet Fleet Cleveland has chosen a scenic route along Lorrain Avenue. His "Pub Runs" club starts at Platform Beer Co's Esta via the West Side Market and head to the Hope Memorial Bridge and end at Progressive Field. Exceptional views, some take the opportunity to take a break and photograph the bridge. The view of Cleveland's Sky line is just as exceptional.

In a nutshell, Cleveland offers many beautiful places that invite you to go out and move no matter how long it is available.



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