Rental real estate investment in the United States – FAQ

Rental property investment in the United States - FAQ

Do you still have any questions? That’s normal!

We are listening to you to answer them!

Here is a list of the most asked questions by investors. Thibaut Gueant responds with the video below:

Why invest in the United States?

  • To diversify your investments
  • Because the dollar is a strong currency
  • A low starting capital is required (between $60k and $70k)
  • You get a 2-digit profitability (plus 16%)
  • The products we offer will increase in value (already 8% for 2 years)
  • We offer many guarantees

Why buy in Cleveland?

Cleveland is a city in full development thanks to all the projects that are being carried out there.

All the lights are on the green to invest today in Cleveland:

  • attractive city for tourists, students and workers
  • city that offers many attractions (art, culture, gastronomy, nature, health, education, transport, shops…)
  • city whose real estate is below the national average but not rents

Thibaut Gueant was the first Francophone to see the potential of this city.

More information can be found on our website and social networks.

Many French-speaking investors have followed him in this ultra-profitable and risk-free adventure: “It’s the right timing to invest in Cleveland”

Why invest with INVEST US?

    1. full transparency:
      1. we publish photos and videos of each house for sale
      2. you have access to all administrative documents during the acquisition process
    2. 7/7 day availability: our team and Thibaut Guéant are listening to you and respond to you no later than 24 hours.
    3. a secure investment
      1. Thibaut Guéant allows you to invest only in Cleveland because all the lights are green. This is no longer the case in Detroit, for example.
      2. Thibaut Guéant chose the houses carefully. It selects only houses that are located in neighbourhoods and streets with great potential
      3. We offer many guarantees
    4. Bespoke accompaniment
      1. We know that every customer and every investment is different.
    5. Long-term support
      1. Once you become an investor with us, we continue to listen to you for all your questions. We even sell the property if you wish.
    6. To take care for you of all the administrative steps to become an owner.
    7. Receiving your statements and rents every 15 months

Can you buy in the United States while being French-speaking and not an American resident?


INVEST US has been supporting investors for more than 8 years. No formalities are required. You do not need a visa or residence permit to acquire a property in the United States.3 criteria

What are the costs to be taken into account in calculating profitability?

are included in the calculation of profitability:

  • Property tax: about $700 per year
  • Rental management fees: between $600 and $800 per year
  • Rent price: between $800 and $900 per month

Water and electricity consumption are the responsibility of the tenant.

The cost of multi-risk home and liability insurance is optional and vary depending on the characteristics, location of the home and the insurance policy chosen (expect between $400 and $750 per year depending on what I choose the purchaser).

Are there any other costs to be expected?


It is necessary to plan:

      • The accounting costs of the LLC.
        • Accountant fees: $500 if only one member in the LLC /$1,000 if there are two members
        • Taxes in the US: between $0 and $400 per year
      • The annual renewal of the LLC (approximately $150/year)
      • 2% of the purchase price for the settlement of “closing” (transfer of ownership) fees. Note that in the United States the equivalent of the notary is the “title company”.

Should there be any work costs?


All of our homes are renovated to American standards by us.

The main works are always:

      • Re-upgrading electricity
      • Plumbing update
      • Repainting interiors
      • Soil replacement
      • Checking the roof to ensure its life expectancy
      • Home insulation
      • New double-glazed windows
      • New heating and water balloon
      • New kitchen

What legal structure to buy property in the United States?

2 solutions:

  • you buy your property in your own name (not advised)
  • you buy through an LLC (U.S. company)

The benefits are:

      • liability limited to contributions (such as a SARL)
      • benefit from tax benefits
      • deduction of expenses related to the LLC
        • expenses: property tax, insurance
        • professional expenses: accountant, travel expenses

Am I helped for the administrative part?

Yes of course!

Our French-speaking team will accompany you through all the stages of acquisitions of your property. INVEST US offers you a turnkey investment, i.e. we take care of all the administrative procedures for you including the creation of the LLC and the opening of the U.S. bank acc

What are the stages of acquiring real estate?

ount. In the United States it takes between 2 and 3 weeks to own.

The acquisition process is as follows:

      1. choose the property over catalog
      2. create the U.S. company (LLC)
      3. Sign the purchase agreement via your electronic signature
      4. sends down payment
      5. receiving additional documents from the notary
      6. payment of the remaining amount due
      7. sends title by email

Is it up to me to take care of the rental management of my investment?


INVEST US, take care of this for you. We offer you a PASSIF investment. Every 15th of the month you collect t

What if I want to resell my investment?

he rents. You can call on us, we will also accompany

How are the rents paid?

you. Rents are paid in US dollars ($) to your U.S. bank account. You can then make international transfers from your online account. The

What happens if a tenant does not pay their rent?

If the tenant does not pay their rent, we send a first notice by mail. If this attempt proves unsuccessful, we will then initiate legal deportation proceedings. The fee is about $500 and is the responsibility of the owner.

We select tenants with care to avoid unpaid rents (see question: how tenants are selected), for more than 8

How are tenants selected?

years. Our team of rental management experts in Cleveland selects tenants on file. We require the tenant to earn 3 times the amount of rent and we check the tenant’s history up to 10 years back where we can see, transparently, if there have been debts and unpaid, and also if there has been an eviction procedure against him.

We receive between 10 and 15 calls per week per property, which allows us to be selective and rent the property almost immediately.

Do you offer guaranteed unpaid rent insurance?

Unpaid bills are infrequent for a variety of reasons.

  • We select and filter tenants in a picky way.
  • It is not in the tenant’s best interest not to pay the month’s rent. We recall that deportation procedures in the United States are much faster than in France (30 days on average). In the event of eviction, the tenant will be registered in the national “record public” file, available to landlords and rental management companies. If registered in the “record public” a tenant would be almost unable to obtain a new dwelling.
  • In Cleveland, more than 95% of homes are occupied by families who work close to their homes.

How many properties can I buy under the same LLC?

You can acquire as many assets as you like under the same LLC, however we recommend not acquiring more than 5 assets per LLC.

I cannot come to the United States to visit my future investment and sign all the papers. Is it a problem ?

o, 80% of our customers made their purchases remotely.

It should be noted that in the United States the steps to acquire a property are simplified compared to France.  You can buy from a catalogue and sign documents electronically.

That’s why INVEST US offers you a turnkey service to enable you to invest from home. Yes if

Will I pay taxes in the United States?

there are taxes to be paid!

There is no double taxation between the Usa and the French-speaking countries.

Tax rates are more advantageous in the United States than in France. The investor benefits from some tax leniency, plus there are many possibilities of additional tax deduction such as a return air ticket, the purchase of a phone, accommodation costs, restaurants, car rental etc

Do I have to declare my income from the United States to France?


The tax treaty signed in 1994 between France and the United States avoids double taxation.

Is there a depreciation of the property?


In the United States, the depreciation of the property is

Is it possible to obtain bank financing in the United States or in France?

27.5 years. Yes! And that represents a significant tax benefit

The real estate opportunities we offer in Cleveland must be funded in cash.

As a non-U.S. resident it is very difficult to contract a property. However, in France you can do it more easily. We can put you in touch with the person who handles personal loans. I

If your opportunities are so attractive, why aren't the Americans buying?

t is not in American culture to buy in the USA. Moreover, after the subprime crisis, banks are very selective about lending to American citizens.

Does investing in real estate in the United States entitle me to a green card?


In order to know how to obtain visas and green cards, we invite you to consult an immigration lawyer who will give you all the details according to your profile.

Do you offer an annual or seasonal rental investment?

eland is a city that lends itself perfectly to annual rental income.

Can I expect a gain?


Purchase prices in Cleveland are below the average U.S. market but rents are high.

All our studies have shown that the real estate market in Cleveland will increase (already 8% over the past 2 years)