Collinwood: the artisic and historic district

Visit the artistic and cultural district of Collinwood in video with Thibaut Guéant


Neighborhood located on the east side of Cleveland. Formerly attached to the township of Euclid, which became a Cleveland neighborhood in 1912. 

Once one of the most important industrial areas in the world, home to a huge railway switching point, huge freight yards and numerous manufacturing facilities.

Today it is a dynamic area where art and culture mix. Many small businesses open up, artists come to perform.

Collinwood is divided into three zones:


One of the most attractive parts of Collinwood where you’ll find everything from music, shops, activities… Art is ominipresent in the neighborhood: painted walls, statues …

  • E. 185TH ST.

Two miles east of Waterloo, E.185th St is a small area where you will find many restaurants of all kinds but also a historic monument La Salle Theatre.

  • Lakeshore

A mile north on the shores of Lake Erie, Lakeshore is part of the Euclid Creek Reserve, which is owned by the Cleveland Metroparks. The beach, nature and outdoor activities are on the agenda. It is one of the cleanest and most pleasant parks in Northern Ohio.


The area is dedicated to expanding the Lake Shore orientation stations. The Lake Shore is a train that connects the cities of Boston and Chicago. The district is divided into two parts by the railways, one north part and one south part.

Collinwood, considered one of the most secure neighborhoods in the USA.


The economy of this district is linked to the industries, during the twentieth century, large American companies settled there. This is the case of the car manufacturer General Motors or General Electric which employ thousands of workers. Today many artists live in this neighborhood that saw house prices fall sharply during the crisis of 2008. Grouped under the name Of Arts Collinwood, these artists have created a new dynamic in the northern part.

Real estate:

The real estate of this area considered residential in the north bordered by Lake Erie and the railway industries. Consisting of houses now mainly for rental investments. Purchase prices are around US$70,000, while profitability is very high, often above 10% net.

There are also many parks, such as East Shore Park or Beach Land Park, as well as beautiful villas such as Angela St Villa or Joseph School. The south of the neighborhood is considered a business district where Collinwood High School is also located. This is where the majority of foreigners from Europe, in particular, can b

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