Diversify your wealth, invest in Cleveland Ohio.

Diversify your wealth, invest in Cleveland Ohio.

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Diversify your wealth, invest in Cleveland Ohio.

All investors apply the same rule.

Making your wealth grow requires investment. The key is the diversification of investment. Real estate remains a safe bet never to set aside. Buying real estate at a reasonable price and thus benefiting from a comfortable profitability in the very short term, and, why not an added value to the eventual resale.

An interesting avenue to explore is a purchase abroad.

Some parts of the world are more attractive due to lower taxation. Regulations in favour of landlords, and thus a security of being able to separate from a tenant. “bad payer.” This is the case in the United States. Cleveland is one of the cities where investors around the world make good deals

Cleveland, once poverty-suitable, has seen its housing stock deteriorate as a result of the closure of major industries in Cleveland and Ohio.

Over the past four years, the effect has reversed.

Low real estate prices in this region have motivated major industrialists to make a big comeback in Cleveland. Web giant Amazon, which had kept only a tiny part of its manufacturing units in this sector, has changed its mind. Now Amazon is once again believed in the city’s growth. In early 2020, Amazon executives decided to invest more than 2 billion euros in modern infrastructure that will create many jobs.

General Motors is partnering with LG Chem to manufacture batteries for electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle market is very promising and full of future.

GM’s strategy is to become the largest player in this automotive segment of all the United States. Indeed, the project that is no longer a secret of manufacturing in collaboration with the South Corréen LG Chem of batteries intended for the automobile represents an investment of 2.3 billion dollars.

Many new jobs in the very short term.

GM is considering creating more than 2,000 new jobs in the region through the introduction of these batteries, all thanks to the tax subsidies proposed by the state of Ohio.

These jobs in large numbers are an opportunity for property owners in this sector.

Indeed, many of these Americans sent there to take advantage of the manpower needed at General Motors’ factories are in need of housing. It is this influx of labour that is creating Cleveland’s strong rental demand. As demand is very high, the houses are never vacant. All products are rented in record time. Many houses are already sold. That is, the house is sold with a tenant who already pays rent and this means that profitability is immediate.

There are still opportunities to be seized in some parts of Cleveland.

Sales prices remain under control today but they are constantly increasing. More than ever, diversifying your wealth requires good deals abroad. Why not Cleveland?

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