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Mount Pleasant

The name Mount Pleasant comes from its bucolic appearance and spectacular views.

Neighborhood integrated in Jefferson County State of Ohio USA. This area is part of the Historic District. In addition you will find the Lundy house listed as a National Historic Monument....

The first residents of the area were MANX (British immigrants) who migrated in 1826. The area remained rural until 1921 when Joseph Krizek and partners bought 20 acres of land to develop the area.

In 1883, the Mount Pleasant neighborhood was home to a large black community because unlike other parts of Cleveland, where the black community lived in former white-owned houses that could no longer pay, at Mount Plesant, a contractor at the time, not having enough money to pay the wages of his workers, decided to offer them land in the neighborhood in compensation. Very quickly, they built houses there for their families.

Today, the Mount Pleasant neighborhood has remained predominantly African American. Compared to other parts of Cleveland, the population is much younger.

To entangle and develop the neighbourhood, many initiatives have been put in place in the area of housing, education and business development. The CLEVELAND Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC) has just finalized the new transportation plan for the area focused on Kinsman Rd and Union Ave. The plan also includes the renovation of the neighbourhood’s cycling infrastructure.

The development of arts, culture and entertainment is changing the face of Mount Pleasant, which is becoming the new arts district.


The creation of this district dates back to the early 1800s. It owes its name to its topography, in addition it was previously called Jesse Bobtown. Shortly after 1815, Mount Pleasant was the birthplace of the country’s first newspaper, which praised the abolition of slavery. Benjamin Lundy followed up with the publication of “The Genius Of Universal Emancipation.” The newspaper’s premises were also located in Mount Pleasant.

The neighborhood has done a lot for abolitionism. In addition the village public school provided by the Buckeye School District.

Area and population:

The district covers 0.7 km2 and the population there was 478 at the time of the last census in 2010.

Real estate:

Consisting of Town House. Literally translated into French by townhouse. These are often terraced brick houses, with at least 3 bedrooms, 1 or more bathrooms and a small garden.

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