Security and real estate investment in Cleveland.

Security and real estate investment in Cleveland.

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Update on the security of a real estate investment in Cleveland Ohio.

Thibaut Guéant, CEO and founder of Invest US,

gives us valuable advice on how best to secure a real estate purchase in the city of Cleveland. While competition is severe in the U.S. rental real estate sector. Not all cities offer the same profitability and security. The many developments made by the Cleveland City authorities are now bearing fruit. Cleveland becomes the best rental investment opportunity in the sector.

Industrialists who have massively bet on Cleveland have reversed the curve and it is employment above all that generates wealth. Investors are taking advantage of the benefits of U.S. taxation to make profitable purchases. Nevertheless, the best way to make a serene investment is to talk to specialists in the sector.

The first point to never be overlooked,

The choice of neighborhood. Indeed, Thibaut who knows the city perfectly keeps repeating that the geographical location of a real estate investment is a priority. A house at very low prices, poorly located will not be properly rented. It will always be better to spend a few thousand extra dollars to become a homeowner in a secure and well-attended area. Lee Miles, Collinwood, Glenville and Mount Pleasant are among the most sought-after areas.

Second important point,

choice of product. The vast majority of Americans considering moving to Cleveland are focusing their choice on family homes. It is important to note that American is more mobile than French. Indeed, Americans who lose their jobs move there where they are offered a new job. They take women and children, which explains the high demand for houses. This is one of the reasons why the rental property market is so dynamic.

Third point to consider,

accompaniment. Some investors have attempted a purchase on their own. Again to avoid the pitfalls of investing outside one’s home country, quality support is essential. Therefore let yourself be taken care of by seasoned professionals. Don’t overlook the language barrier. Choose your interlocutors primarily for their ability to explain all the intricacies of your investment in your language. Choose full accompaniment. From the first telephone interview, to the on-site appointment, through the creation of the company and the opening of the bank account. Notary lawyers, all points are important. A key word, trust our team.

A final important point,

managing your investment. Make sure you have a strong rental management team. Here too, favour French-speaking interlocutors. Once again trust professionals renowned for their seriousness. It is a key to your tranquillity and good management generates good profitability. Indeed Thibaut is at your disposal for a telephone interview. Security and real estate investment in Cleveland a specialist business.

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