Thing to do in Cleveland

Cleveland City Hall.

Cleveland City Hall. Cleveland City Hall is home to the headquarters of the government authorities of the city of Cleveland Ohio. This building is also used by the city council. He’s the seat. The building was built in 1917 and is located in the Civic Center neighborhood. Right downtown Cleveland on Lakeside Avenue. The building […]

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Cleveland Science Center.

Cleveland Science Center. The Cleveland Great Lakes Science Center. Great Lakes Science Center. Above all a museum, but also a science education center located in downtown Cleveland. Rich in its documentation concerning the natural spaces of the Great Lakes region. Many exhibitions organized. This museum houses exhibitions of great quality. Sometimes travelling exhibitions but also […]

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Cleveland Sports City

Cleveland city sporty and dynamic. Experienced joggers and runners share their favourite courses. Explanations with Cleveland-area running experts. They widely distribute their "playgrounds." Or do you want to go jogging or walking in Cleveland? Since 1978, the Cleveland Marathon has been held. Pride of many local runners whether they are amateur or experienced. This year […]

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Casino Jacks, more than a billion invested!

Visit CASINO JACKS in video with Thibaut Guéant Casino Jack is a casino in downtown downtown specifically in the old Higbee building in the tower city center.  The casino has kept the soul of this old building in the restaurant intelligently: the woodwork and brass doors have been restored, chandeliers from eras have been added… […]

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Cleveland Botanical Garden

Visit BOTANICAL GARDEN in video with Thibaut Guéant The Cleveland Botanical Garden, located in the University Circle neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, USA, was founded in 1930 as the Garden Center of Greater Cleveland. The Cleveland Botanic Garden was the first space of its kind in an American city. Originally housed in a converted boathouse on […]

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The Flats the place to be in Cleveland, Ohio

Visit THE FLATS in video with Thibaut Guéant The Flats, THE PLACE TO BE in Cleveland. The Flats must-see Cleveland area for nightlife enthusiasts. Bars, concerts, restaurants, outdoor shows. The district borders the Cuyahoga River. It is very popular with hikers who travel from one river to the other taking advantage of the many boat […]

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Culture, University Circle and its students

Visit UNIVERSITY CIRCLE in video with Thibaut Guéant Culture, University Circle and its students. La culture, University Circle. His students. Its cultural heritage. Its museums, a must-see in the city of Cleveland Ohio. It’s cleveland’s cultural center. University Circle is a university neighborhood east of Cleveland also known as “The Circle” The hip neighborhood of […]

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