Investing in rental real estate in the United States – About us

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Invest Us is the French-language real estate agency premiere to offer real estate for passive investments in Cleveland (Ohio – USA). 

Invest US – Investing in Cleveland allows you to invest in real estate from home without lifting a finger. You buy your real estate from a catalogue and collect your rent every 15 of every month.

We take care of everything for you. So we guarantee you a serene and easy us investment.

With its network of experts and collaborators, each investor benefits from exclusive and tailor-made support at every stage of the acquisition process:

  • creation of the U.S. company LLC OFFERT
  • opening the bank account with OFFERT accompaniment
  • signing the property
  • accompaniment with the notary until the “closing”
  • rental management with our French-speaking team
  • follow-up with accounting
  • resale if the investor decides to

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Invest US helps acquisition teams get the best deals on the market, meticulously selecting assets from Cleveland’s hottest neighborhoods and streets.

Invest US guarantees its real estate investments in Cleveland, which is why Thibaut Gueant regularly visits the field to ensure the smooth progress of the renovation of homes for sale in Cleveland.

By working closely with its partners in Cleveland on a daily basis, Invest US offers you the best real estate opportunities. Indeed, we offer our investors real estate properties that meet:

  • high profitability of more than 16%
  • low initial investment: between $55K and $75K
  • immediate return on investment without waiting periods since the day the keys were handed over
  • a simplification of bureaucracy (Rapidity and ease in administrative procedures)
  • a very lenient and optimized tax system by our French-speaking accountants
  • a profitable “family man” and sustainable investment optimized by our work

Invest Us – Investing in Cleveland – is made up of 5 departments that allow you to offer the best support service and optimize your real estate investment in Cleveland:

  • Acquisitions: Through our aggressive marketing strategy, we will find the best deals from the owners at source according to very specific criteria such as the street where the property is located and the amount of the work.
  • Works: With many years of experience, our Work Team is used to carrying out the rehabilitation of the property we propose, we will be delighted to be able to present the Teams to our investors when they come to meet us in Cleveland! 
  • Marketing: Our duty is to be able to educate as much as possible through our many videos on Youtube, but also to inform about news and opportunities through our many email releases, on Instagram and our Facebook page. If you follow us, you will find that we are very active and like to create this close bond with our customers and prospects! 
  • Sale: Thibaut and his team will be happy to discuss with you the city’s points of attraction, explain U.S. taxation, pitfalls to avoid, the creation of the LLC and the bank account etc. The whole team is at your disposal to study your strategy together. 
  • Rental management: A real nerve of war, rental management in Cleveland is the priority for our investors, indeed, mismanagement, even if the property seems profitable, is never a good surprise! Our management teams are well established and have the experience to maximize the high profitability of our investors. Communication, which is done in French, is an essential point, our team send you your statements and rents every 15 of each month. 

Thibaut Gueant’s main priority is customer satisfaction. He is not only looking to “sell to sell” but to create a long-term relationship of trust with his investors. 

At Invest Us- Investing in Cleveland, we are responsive and happy with what we do. Our offices are always open and you are welcome with or without an appointment. We will welcome you with a smile and a coffee.

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Our French speaking team


Founder of INVEST US – Investing in Cleveland

Originally from Lille, Thibaut has always been passionate about investing in stone. He obtained a master’s degree in business management and real estate in France. A keen traveller to discover different cultures and the world, Thibaut naturally completed his internship in the United States. 

During his internship Thibaut realizes the real estate opportunities to be seized and the difficulties for Francophones to invest in a country they do not know. Thus, he decided to stay in Miami to launch his real estate agency in Florida under the brand name Florida Residence in order to help Francophones realize their real estate projects in the United States. 

After several years of studying the real estate market in the United States, Thibaut realizes the incredible real estate potential that some cities like Detroit and Cleveland offer. Thibaut created Invest US and was THE FIRST Francophone to offer high-profit real estate and low starting capital in Cleveland.

Thibaut is not only an entrepreneur at heart, he is also a tennis and football enthusiast, who allow him to develop his team spirit. A fundamental value that he implements every day within his company thus helping to strengthen his corporate culture and offer personalized services to each investor.

Thibaut is a curious and dynamic young business leader with a particular attraction to digital marketing, which he considers to be an infinite and original source for communicating with investors. Florida Residence and Invest US regularly participate in various real estate events in France and the United States.  

With Thibaut Gueant, your real estate investments in Florida and Cleveland are in good hands!


Digital marketing manager

Originally from the South East of France, Ingrid lived and grew up in this beautiful region. She completed all her studies in France where she graduated from an engineering school. Passionate about the world of the web it is only natural that she made it her profession. For more than 5 years Ingrid has been an elegant and creative showcase of companies. Today, it is no longer enough to exist on the Internet to succeed, it is necessary to create/maintain a digital identity and a web community.


Real Estate Investment Advisor

Aurélia grew up between South America and Paris. After studying international marketing in France, Aurélia decided to move to Miami, a city ideally positioned to travel between these two cultures.

Aurélia is a bubbly and dynamic young woman who likes to interact with her interlocutors. She has been flourishing in the real estate field for 6 years where she does not hesitate to share her expertise and her joie de vivre.

Passionate about aeronautics and water sports since her childhood this allows her to channel her energy because Aurélia is always on the move.


Real Estate Investment Advisor

Originally from Brittany, Romain has lived in the USA since 2016. After his double degree in Computer Science/International Commerce in New York, Romain decided to pursue his path in real estate in the USA. He is passionate about real estate investment. He recognizes the advantages of investing in the USA rather than in France where he does not hesitate to share his expertise as well as his desire to help his partners to undertake.


Customer manager

Originally from the Paris area Christelle lived in Philadelphia and Boston for 4 years. However, it was in Miami that she decided to pack her bags in 2013. Christelle shares her expertise as a real estate agent and specializes in rental investments for francophones.

The work management team

  • 8 people

  • Interior and exterior repairs

  • +10 years of experience

The rental management team

  • 7 people

  • Selection of tenants

  • Collect rents

The team of collaborators

  • Employees of independent business providers in France