Glenville: The Green Quarter

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Glenville is a neighborhood located east of the city of Cleveland in the state of Ohio. The district was born in 1870 as an independent city… it did not really become a district of the city of Cleveland until 1904. In its early days the neighborhood was considered a dormitory equivalent to a hotel village that served Cleveland’s affluent population. There was a racetrack where there were trotting races, as well as car, cycling or athletics races, and the famous Cleveland Country Club. 

Once a small village, serving primarily as a resort community for Upper Middle Class residents of Cleveland. For more than half a century Glenville (after World War II) Glenville has been the most visible example of poverty and crime in Cleveland because of racism.

In the early 21st century, Glenville attracted media attention thanks to the high school football team that quickly became one of the best-known programs in Ohio and North America.

Today, Glenville is predominantly African-American and is once again a residential area thanks to the financial investment that has been made by private companies.

Why invest in Glenville 4 points in:


Located between Collinwood and University Circle. This allows Glenville residents to be approximate the city’s largest job centre with Cleveland Clinic and also art and culture with restaurants, small artists’ shops, museums… Collinwood.


The area is home to many parks: Gordon Park, Rockefeller Park and Cleveland’s famed Cultural Garden


BIRTHPLACE of SUPERMAN. On Kimberly Avenue in Glenville in 1932, 18-year-old Jerry Siegel created the Man of Steel. This house has become a global attraction.

  • Safety

Residential area where many families live there. Well-known schools are also located in this area.


The period from 1905 to 1950 gave pride of place to Jewish residents. In the end, more than 90% of the population was Jewish. Notably many shops, shops, butchers were owned by companies run by people of the Jewish religion. The area also includes several Synagogues. Whereas after the 1950s it is the African-American population that takes over. Finally, these Synagogues are now used as African-American churches.


The Glenville area is partly inserted into Gordon Park. The west side is along Rockefeller Park or is part of Martin Luther King Drive. Rockefeller Park is the most important park in the city of Cleveland. Especially renowned for its historic gardens and grand greenhouses.

Real estate:

Shortly after the 1940s Glenville grew with private equity. New constructions have emerged. Terraced houses or independent villas. They quickly transformed this dormitory district into a lively residential area. Once again investors made no mistake about it. The rental income generated by the rental of these houses was very high.

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