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Lee Miles

Neighborhood located in the east end of Cleveland Ohio State. The neighborhood is surrounded to the north by the city of Shaker Heights. South by the city of Maple Heights. To the east by the city of Warrensville Heights. South/West by the city of Garfield Heights. North/West by Union-Miles park.

Lee Mile is divided into two zones:



It is a working-class neighborhood where many families reside in peace and quiet. Many come from other states of the United States to work there. Indeed, these families are above all the first to be in demand for rent. Similarly, their rental needs are very often townhouses that allow the whole family to live. The area has two parks. F Douglas Park and Kerruish Park.

Two leisure centres for the population. The Lee-Harvard Community Service Centre and the J-F-Kennedy Recreation Centre. Lee-Miles real estate. Essentially made up of “Town House” therefore, literally Town House.


Closely related to government investments made in the early 1980s, particularly through Cleveland Industrial Park. Site in permanent development of an area of more than 460,000 m2 because bordering the highway and having interchanges on Brodway Av and Lee Road. So large industrial groups are establishing themselves there and have made a commitment to create many jobs.

In fact, the amounts recently invested amount to more than 40 million dollars.

Real estate:

The vast majority of these houses have 3 bedrooms, a small plot of land, and a garage. The most important is the selling price. It ranges from $59,000 to $79,000 in addition to the 2-digit returns often above 11%. The industrial boom in this region.

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