High profitability in real estate in Cleveland

Diversify your wealth, invest in Cleveland Ohio.

Diversify your wealth, invest in Cleveland Ohio. All investors apply the same rule. Making your wealth grow requires investment. The key is the diversification of investment. Real estate remains a safe bet never to set aside. Buying real estate at a reasonable price and thus benefiting from a comfortable profitability in the very short term, […]

Security and real estate investment in Cleveland.

Update on the security of a real estate investment in Cleveland Ohio. Thibaut Guéant, CEO and founder of Invest US, gives us valuable advice on how best to secure a real estate purchase in the city of Cleveland. While competition is severe in the U.S. rental real estate sector. Not all cities offer the same […]

Real Estate and Architecture in Cleveland Ohio

Real Estate and Architecture: Cleveland hides architectural treasures in its various neighborhoods. Among the most famous is the Guardian Bank Building. The building named for its construction New England Building later became National City Bank Building. This High Rise building is located in downtown Cleveland. On the well-known Euclid Avenue. From a total height of […]

Cleveland’s real estate investment market on the rise.

Cleveland’s real estate investment market is steadily up for 2020. The growth in the selling price of houses in 2019 does not cease in this year 2020. The steadily rising market maintains its good health. Thibaut Guéant founder and CEO of Invest US shares his vision for the market from 2018 to 2020. In 2018, […]

US home purchase, home purchase USA

A round-up of real estate opportunities in the USA US Home Purchase If you are looking for a rental investment with excellent profitability, the real estate market in the United States represents a real opportunity. Investing in the USA allows you to take advantage of its enormous potential in terms of diversification of real estate […]

Investment opportunities in Cleveland.

Investment opportunities in Cleveland. Cleveland has retained its status as a must-see industrial city. The city backed by Lake Erie. This is a strategic position. Thanks to the canal that connects it to the Mississippi River Cleveland remains a major industrial nerve centre. Since 2015, more than $20 billion has been invested in the industrial […]

Cleveland, high-profit investor real estate.

Cleveland, the investor real estate that generates the highest profitability. Thibaut Guéant founder of Invest US He explains in a few lines the main assets to invest in Cleveland Ohio. In recent years, the city of Cleveland has been pumping billions of dollars into the renovation of its downtown. In addition, many major companies are […]

Real estate investment in Cleveland, the right method.

Real estate investment in Cleveland, the right method. More and more European investors and the French are finding the U.S. real estate market attractive. This is especially the case for the city of Cleveland. The market suffered a fall after the real estate crisis of 2008. House selling prices fell over the next 5 years. […]

Real estate opportunities in Cleveland, invest smartly.

Real estate opportunities in Cleveland, you have to invest smartly. Real estate opportunities in Cleveland and Corona virus crisis. Real estate across the Atlantic maintains its reputation as a generator of good deals and profitability. What about Covid 19? Thibaut, head of Invest US and specialist in French-speaking clients in the United States, shares his […]

Buying real estate in the USA, strong profitability in Cleveland.

Buying real estate in the USA, high profitability is possible in Cleveland. When buying real estate in the U.S., the most fashionable cities such as Los Angeles or New York have become very expensive. Investors who want a real return on investment have “put down the numbers.” Today, among the few cities where profitability is […]