The amount of rent in Cleveland.

The amount of rent in Cleveland.

It varies depending on the geographical location of the property. Take, for example, the University Circle area. During the course of 2018 the rent price of this sector increased by 45%.

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Make a good rental investment. It’s all about investing in the right place at the right time. The City of Cleveland has seen significant rent increases in some neighborhoods this year.

Rental management experts conducted a study of Cleveland’s five neighborhoods where rents rose the most.

On the top step of the podium. University Circle, whose rent growth over the past year is 44.3%. This allows you to collect a monthly rent of $1850.

In second place. Gateway District. Of which the rent increase over the same period is equivalent to 11.8%. With a rent collected of $1390.

Then comes the Hough area. Who saw the rent increase by 7.7% to charge $1410 each month.

As for downtown Cleveland. 7.3% more last year with an average rent price of $1360.

To close this study, the warehouse sector benefited from a 3.6% increase with an average rent price of $1180.

The result is.

The result of this study is obtained by comparing the average prices of rents charged this year in these 5 wards with those charged last year. The finding provides further details, some Cleveland neighborhoods have already benefited from a significant increase such as Ohio City and the amount of rents has remained similar from year to year.

In addition to the city centre, which is very promising, the university district to the east of the city also allows us to believe in a future appreciated by investors from all over the world.

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