Investment opportunities in Cleveland.

Investment opportunities in Cleveland.

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Investment opportunities in Cleveland.

Cleveland has retained its status as a must-see industrial city. The city backed by Lake Erie. This is a strategic position. Thanks to the canal that connects it to the Mississippi River Cleveland remains a major industrial nerve centre. Since 2015, more than $20 billion has been invested in the industrial reconstruction of the city and its neighbourhoods.

New sites dedicated to investment.

The authorities have invested heavily in the decontamination of some sites that were previously very large industrial suites. This redevelopment and re-standardization opens up new horizons in the use of family homes for rental use. These once-neglected houses are now very attractive for investment.

Redesigned neighborhoods.

This is the case with Terminal Tower. This neighborhood or now flourish shops. Restaurants. Entertainment centre. The case also for University Circle, which is gradually becoming Cleveland’s most fashionable neighborhood. You’ll find the city’s highest-end buildings. The total renovation of the city centre does not prevent the development of the western part, where new companies have established their industries there. The houses on the west bank are highly coveted for their proximity to the workplace. Let’s not forget the Cleveland Gateway program, which plans to transform 250,000 square meters into an urbanization centre for family housing. Marina bordering the lake, footpaths, parks and gardens in the middle of the city.

Employment growth.

Over the past 10 years, Cleveland’s entire economic sector has been growing steadily. This growth explains the high rental demand and the considerable occupancy rate of the houses. The volume of rental demand is growing at the same time as the explosion in the job offer. The rental market is boosted by sectors or dominates employment, health, new technologies, industry, and education. It is true that many students have housing needs near Cleveland universities.

The boom in the real estate market in Cleveland.

Not only is the Cleveland administration redeveloping neighborhoods but also canals, bridges and land. Many new opportunities are emerging after the demolition of old sites such as coal-fired power plants that have been converted into housing. Some old buildings now have a second life. These are the new residential spaces. Former office buildings or buildings are now shops, hotels, offices and housing. More than ever, the real estate market in this sector is changing, the prospect for the future is serene.

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