Cleveland, high-profit investor real estate.

Cleveland, high-profit investor real estate.

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Cleveland, the investor real estate that generates the highest profitability.

Thibaut Guéant founder of Invest US

He explains in a few lines the main assets to invest in Cleveland Ohio.

In recent years, the city of Cleveland has been pumping billions of dollars into the renovation of its downtown. In addition, many major companies are headquartered in Cleveland, such as Goodyear Pneumatics. Sherwin-Williams paintings…

Cleveland Real Estate, the largest profitability generator in the USA.

Low purchase prices. High rental demand. More-valued to come.

A high occupancy of housing. More than 95% of the rental property stock occupied. The steady increase in annual sales volume. Cleveland Medical Center the largest player in the medical world of the United States. First in the health field. First in the field of innovation and research.

Cleveland one of the economic leaders when you consider the employment of the “Millénnials”

This generation called Generation Y, with a high level of education. Born between 1980 and 1990 in the digital age. Since 2003, the city has created more than 80,000 jobs corresponding to this population target. It is experiencing growth of more than 90% of residents with a Bachelor’s degree in the university.

The east and west of the city are considered to be the most investment-promoting districts at present. The city centre, on the other hand, is pursuing its upgrade objectives. Nearly 20 Billion Dollars have been used in health, new technologies, research.

Jobs that have been steadily increasing over the past 10 years guarantee the occupancy rate of houses.

These “millénnials” jobs are the main source of rental real estate occupancy in Cleveland. This is a guarantee of a reliable and stable investment over time. Part of the rental real estate occupied by employees of these technology sectors. Another part occupied by employees of the industrial sector. A part occupied by students, college students.

Thibaut offers us a concrete example of a renovated house for rent in Cleveland. The purchase price is between 55 and 63,000 euros.  The monthly rent collected about 760 euros. Profitability exceeds 15% gross.

There is no other state in the United States today to claim such profitability, our stocks are updated, a telephone interview will allow you to get to know our team. Don’t hesitate to view our many videos that give you an overview of the work done upstream. The Invest US team will give you the right advice to make a successful investment in Cleveland. three words to remember: Cleveland Real Estate Investor.

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