Cleveland Chicago at 950 km/h

Cleveland Chicago at 950 km/h

Hyperloop: Very high-speed train to connect Cleveland to Chicago at 950 km/h.

Elon Musk’s plan to transport ultra-high-speed crossings is under consideration in Ohio. A line from Cleveland to Chicago could be built by 2050. American engineers working closely with the Hyperloop test centre in Toulouse are exploring the possibility of creating a train capable of carrying 30 to 40 passengers over a distance of 554 km in a record time of 31 minutes.

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The first results.

Ohio Transportation Coordination Authority has released the results of a $1.3 million study for the Hyperloop ride. The operating principle of this new type of transport is to create the vacuum in a cylindrical tube containing capsules for transporting passengers that rest on a magnetic field that keeps the capsule levitating.

The Hyperloop has not yet obtained permission to transport people.

Nevertheless, the Executive Director of NOACA. Northeast Ohio Area Coordinating Agency. Grace Gallucci has stated that she wants to join the Hyperloop network so as not to risk not being one of the forgotten 21st century in terms of transportation. We need to be at the forefront of this technology if we are to grow our region and remain competitive.

Several projects are under consideration in the USA but also in Europe and the Middle East. Gallucci also said the Cleveland Chicago line would be funded through a public-private partnership.

The state could collect user fees or station crossing fees, but the operation would be left to private companies identical to airlines.

3 routes are under consideration.

The fastest which is almost a straight line and would allow a journey in just over 30 minutes will pass under Lake Michigan and under Lake Erie.

This project is primarily a job-generating project, estimating labour needs close to 900,000 effective jobs from 2025. These jobs are expected to generate more than $47 billion in revenue.

A huge impact on real estate.

This new mode of transportation and its stations will generate an increase in the value of real estate estimated at 75 billion dollars, of which 15 billion in the city of Cleveland.

Pending the final tests as well as all the authorizations and permits, construction of this line could begin in 3 years.

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