Sport in Cleveland- Stipe Miocic "baddest man on the planet" legend of MMA

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Cleveland is a city with many economic hubs:

  • No.1 in the U.S. in the medical field with Cleveland Clinic
  • In the top 50 in education with University Circle
  • A dozen Fortune 500 companies are based in Cleveland
  • A cultural, artistic and nocturnal life
  • It is one of the big cities in the United States that brings together 3 internationally renowned teams in the leagues: NBA / NFL /MLB
    • baseball, represented by the Cleveland Indians , which finished in 2019 with the 2nd place in the Central American League standings
    • American football with the Cleveland Browns
    • basketball with the Cleveland Cavalier and the famous world-famous player Lebron James (elected one of the best players of all time)

The city of Cleveland is often associated in the sports field with Lebron James who is highly publicized but other players as famous in other sports fields deserve to be highlighted. This is the case with Stipe Miocic!

Stipe Miocic is the world number 1 in the MMA heavyweight category (Mixed Martial Art) which is a well-known sport in the United States. He is even recognized as one of the greatest players of all MMA’s time.

Stipe Miocic or officially “the baddest man on the planet” of Croatian origin was born and raised in Cleveland. Today he lives there.

His record is impressive:

It is important to note that Stipe Mioci is a true world champion. Indeed, MMA is a sport where some call itself world champion, with the complacency of some media that have no knowledge on the subject.

This is not the case with “the baddest man on the planet.” The official world ranking (equivalent to the ATP in tennis) proves it: www.fightmatrix.com

Stipe Miocic has been training since his debut at the same academy called Strong Style located in the suburbs of Cleveland, Independence, where also trains other elite fighters who are also training partners and sparrings of Stipe Miocic!

  • The world’s number 90 light heavyweight (- 93 kg) Alksa Camur
  • World number 79 light heavyweight (- 93 kg) Dan Spohn
  • The world’s number 3 flyweight ( – 57 kg ) Jessica Eye
  • World number 80 heavyweight Jeff Hughes

The coaches of this academy are reputed to be among the best in the world!

Stipe Miocic is outside of MMA the equivalent of a volunteer firefighter!

Here are Cleveland’s major sports facilities:
-Cleveland stadium which can accommodate nearly 80,000 spectators
-The firstenergybrown which can accommodate nearly 70,000 spectators
– The quicken Loans Arena which can accommodate more than 20,000 spectators

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