Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: a must-see museum

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Cleveland’s must-see museum.

Rock and roll Hall of Fame Cleveland. Cleveland’s must-see museum. Don’t miss a visit to this museum during your stay in Cleveland. Enrichment guarantees. The history of American rock from every angle.

More than just a museum. A temple, a Rock and Roll institution. Rich in its archives, objects that belonged to the stars of the musical world. Exclusive videos. Everything about the Rock is there. Musicians, instruments, producers, and of course the vocal leaders of Rock bands.

The modern architecture was designed by Leo Ming Pei. This makes it a first attraction in Cleveland Ohio bordering Lake Erie.

The foundation was founded in 1983.

Its primary destiny is to choose the right site for the construction of the museum. Several cities are on the list of choices of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame foundation.

The city of Cleveland is at the top of the list thanks; On the one hand, his musical history. Alan freed, a disc jockey from Cleveland, has worked hard to promote this style of music called “rock ‘n’ roll”.

After a USA Today poll of more than 580,000 people, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation Board chose Cleveland to build its museum.

The museum opened its doors at the end of the summer of 1995 (September 2), and gradually the collection of everything related to the history of the Rock enriched the various parts and rooms of the museum. New heads appear over time, all personalities who have played an important role in the history of Rock and Roll find a place in this temple of Rock music. Among the very first elected officials to fill the museum’s rooms. Elvis Presley, James Brown, Buddy Holly, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, list far from exhaustive.

“Entrants are carefully selected by a committee of music historians.

To be accepted, the artist must have had a significant influence on the history of rock. They are divided into four categories: Performers (performers on stage), Non-Performers (off-stage artists), Early Influences (pioneers) and, since 2000, Sidemen (“support” artist). An artist is eligible 25 years after his first recording.

A selection committee made up of music historians selects artists for this category. Subsequently, the choices are voted on by about 1,000 experts: academics, journalists, producers and anyone else with experience in the music industry. To be selected, you must collect at least 50% of the votes. Each year, between five and seven selected artists are selected.

Each year, new artists are accepted as members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, a ceremony held in New York City. On January 27, 1986, the first members were elected: Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, James Brown, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Fats Domino, the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard.

Controversies exist with respect to new artists who are accepted because most of the selected artists are American or British nationals, leaving out, for example, influential Canadian or German artists. Others feel that the number of people selected is too large, which reduces the importance of appointments.

The museum also has a “shop” where all the iconic replicas of the rock and roll world are available, some visitors spend hours there and just for the shop the visit is worth the trip.

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