Cleveland Science Center.

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Cleveland Science Center.

The Cleveland Great Lakes Science Center. Great Lakes Science Center. Above all a museum, but also a science education center located in downtown Cleveland. Rich in its documentation concerning the natural spaces of the Great Lakes region. Many exhibitions organized. This museum houses exhibitions of great quality. Sometimes travelling exhibitions but also permanent exhibitions. There is a dining area. A meeting room. A theatre with a dome for three-dimensional broadcasts. The facility receives funding from the Cuyahoga County Ministry of Culture and Arts and grants from patrons passionate about artistic culture.

Opened in July 1996.

Officially opened since July 1996. From then on, exhibitions were organized around scientific subjects. Mathematics science. Bio-mechanical and advanced energy. Scientific phenomena of space. The facility is one of 11 U.S. sites hosting NASA. Every day, scientific courses are offered by the staff of the centre.

Classes for students.

Students are not left out. Each year, courses are taught as field training. Many professional development programs are aimed at teachers. The school also offers online courses. They are available at home. Various camps for educational purposes are organized during the summer for children or teenagers. During the year, the science centre will schedule courses and workshops in the field.

Alternative energy developments.

In the summer of 2006, a wind turbine was placed in the garden. It provides nearly 7 per cent of the annual energy consumed by the centre. The year 2007 saw the installation of more than 150 solar panels. These allow the more than six thousand square metres of exhibition rooms in the science centre to be supplied with electricity for one hour each day. The photovoltaic generator provides about 100 kilowatts per hour per day. This is equivalent to the average consumption of four average homes. Touch tablets are available to visitors. Information on renewable energy is available as well as real-time data.

The great lakes Science center is located between the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and First Energy Stadium on North Coast Harbour on the shores of Lake Erie. The center is one of the great cultural attractions of the state of Ohio.

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