Cleveland Airport

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Cleveland-Hopkins Airport.

Cleveland Airport, whose exact name is Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, is less than 15 kilometres from downtown Cleveland. It is the largest airport in the state of Ohio. Built on Cuyahoga County on the outskirts of the city. The complex has three runways. A concrete track with a length of 2740 m. A second concrete track with a length of 2160 m and a third concrete and tarmac of 1830 m. The total area is around 770 hectares.


Cleveland Airport was founded in 1925. It was the first U.S. airport operated by the municipality. Forerunner in many areas. He is the first to hold an air traffic control tower. By 1930 it was the only one to have lighting installations on its tracks. Shortly before 1970, Cleveland Airport was the only airport to connect its infrastructure to public transit. Regional and local metro. It was officially named Cleveland Airport Hopkins in 1951 on the occasion of its 82nd anniversary after its creator William R Hopkins.

A link between Europe and the United States:

With more than 11 million passengers in 2006 and a 1.5% growth in 2007, Cleveland Airport is a must-see hub for passengers from Europe. Mainly operated by Continental Airlines, the connections between Paris Charles de Gaulle and London are daily. Cleveland Airport Hopkins and Burke Lakefront Airport form the Cleveland airport system controlled by the city of Cleveland. The authority being “Department of port control”

Destinations served:

Cleveland Airport is used by major airlines. Canada Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines, the airport serves the entire United States but also Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. The cost of a return flight from Paris Cleveland is based on departure dates around four hundred Euros. (Average for 2019) The terminal has bars and restaurants and several hotels are located less than 2 kilometres from the slopes.

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