Profitable rental investment why buy in Cleveland?

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Profitable rental investment why buy in Cleveland?

Concrete a profitable rental investment in 2020. Thibaut Guéant founder of Invest US gives us information on the best opportunities. Investors are wondering where to make a purchase in 2020. Each investor profile is different. But all come together on essential criteria. Security. Profitability. Value. Trust. Rental management. In a nutshell. Thibaut explains his vision of these fundamental criteria.

Security in a real estate investment.

This security deserves special attention. This is an important point in the mind of the future buyer. I am going there for an in-depth tour of every house we plan to put on the market. My choice is primarily on the neighborhood. Its environment. I then carry out a full inspection of the house. As soon as the purchase is validated. I am sending out the companies that are implementing the renovations. The house is put up for sale after passing all the quality checks required by invest US.

The profitability of the real estate purchase.

An important part of the decision that motivates a rental property purchase lies in its profitability. The purchase price remains crucial to achieving a high rate of return. Indeed, it is better to invest in several houses with low acquisition prices than in a very expensive villa. Similarly, our search for the most return-on-investment opportunities will systematically focus on the cost of acquisition. And of course, Cleveland is where the best deals are found. More than 15% gross profitability.

Short- to medium-term capital gains.

Again, the purchase price determines the future capital gain. Again the geographical area as well as the location. The neighborhood impact the added value.  In addition, our job as a real estate agent requires a perfect mastery of the choice of the environment. Negotiating the purchase price. The quality of a building. Cleveland's real estate market has been steadily growing since 2015. It promises significant short- and medium-term capital gains.

Confidence is an essential element for a serene purchase.

Confidence in the agent and his team remains paramount. The entire Invest US team speaks French. Everyone is motivated. So that your investment brings you comfort. The expected profitability. It all starts with a telephone interview. A visit then allows you to get to know your interlocutors better. Once the trust has been established. All operations can be processed remotely. This trust allows in many cases to make one or other purchases. Without moving.

Rental management.

Another important point in the serenity of a rental property purchase in Cleveland. Rental management. We have our own rental management team. This makes it possible not to have several interlocutors. Many investors have had to lament the quality of their property manager. The strength of the management body is paramount in the investor's tranquillity. Book your phone interview with our teams. Are we available to explain the profitable rental investment in Cleveland?

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