Real estate investment in Cleveland, the right method.

Real estate investment in Cleveland, the right method.

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Real estate investment in Cleveland, the right method.

More and more European investors and the French are finding the U.S. real estate market attractive. This is especially the case for the city of Cleveland. The market suffered a fall after the real estate crisis of 2008. House selling prices fell over the next 5 years. The beginning of 2014 sees American real estate raise its head. From 2016 on 2016, the dynamics put in place by the authorities with foreign investors are bearing fruit. Growth is coming back. The city of Cleveland has done everything possible to prevent the exodus of its inhabitants. This growth estimated by experts confirms an increase of almost 40% in the sale price of real estate over the last 4 years. All are unanimous in saying that there is no sign of weakening this growth in the near future.

The economic foundations of the city of Cleveland.

The real surprise during a visit to Cleveland lies in the youth of its population. The kids settled in Cleveland. These neighborhoods modernized by bars, or entertainment venues. The low acquisition price attracts a population in their thirties. Americans are very mobile. They move to places where jobs are offered. They come from different states, the lower cost of living in Ohio allows them a higher purchasing power. Cleveland’s appeal also lies in its offer for students. Many cleveland universities attract students from around the world. The city has a student population approaching 50,000 per year.

Cleveland, tourist town.

The visit to Cleveland more and more attractive. Investors who came to Cleveland were surprised to discover its cultural riches. Museumed in large numbers. Quality establishments at the very reduced entrance ticket see for some free. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame remains a major attraction in the city. The botanical garden is also very rich. Lake Erie has many nautical attractions. The green city, allowing nature walks or hikes. Cleveland now attracts nearly 20 million tourists each year.

Becoming a landlord in Cleveland.

Becoming a homeowner in the United States has many differences compared to the French market. The legal side favorable to the owners. Eviction of a tenant facilitated by U.S. regulations. From the moment the tenant does not respect the terms of the lease, the landlord has the right to evict him. These effective procedures save time but also save money. A new tenant can be put in place very quickly and place the old one in default.

We provide a lot of information to francophones who want to make a purchase. The neighborhoods where it’s good to invest. Market prices. The guarantees necessary to make an easy purchase. The whole team speaks French.

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