Edgewater Beach Cleveland

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Edgewater Beach Cleveland:

Edgewater beach Cleveland is part of what is called Cleveland Metroparks. Cleveland Metroparks includes areas of Pic Nic, beaches, zoo, golf and parks. Edgewater beach a beach in the city. This beach allows residents to enjoy nature, swim, play, picnic in the heart of Cleveland.


Edgewater Beach located in the lower edge of Edgewater Park. A short walk from downtown Cleveland between the Shoreway Memorial and Lake Erie. The site as it is today, has existed since the beginning of 2013.

Nevertheless, access is open to all. To spend a few hours there. Rent a cottage along the coast or share part of Beach Volleyball. But still this site offers an exceptional panoramic view of downtown Cleveland. Similarly the beach offers unforgettable sunsets over the city. There is also a swimming area. The western part of the beach is open to walkers accompanied by their dogs. But still a space is also suitable for the practice of kayaking. Fishing enthusiasts also gather there, perch, carp, trout populate the lake in large numbers.


The land where Edgewater Beach is located was purchased by the City of Cleveland in 1894. The site covers more than 520,000 square metres for a shoreline of more than 1,800 m. Intended to be used as a “public bath” in fact, the site lacks attendance and it is gradually abandoned in the early 1940s. The lack of security led to its loss as early as 1950. Due to lack of funding the park is left to the management of the Ohio State Department of Natural Resources in 1978.

With few resources, under these conditions, the park was again abandoned to be entrusted to Cleveland Metro Park in 2013. Buildings, cottages, recreation areas and amenities transformed the abandoned beach into a popular spot for the people of Cleveland and the area, and Edgewater became Cleveland’s “place to be.” Just over 700,000 visitors in 2013, the attendance is constantly increasing to 1.3 million in 2018. The construction of the cool beach house last year is expected to make Edgewater Beach the most visited site of the Metropark Lakeside Parks, Beaches, and Marinas.

More than just a place of entertainment:

Beyond the purely touristic side, Edgewater Beach is the flagship of the city of Cleveland’s renewal. In short, the beachfront facilities as well as the multiple attractions on offer bring a real plus-value to the area. In addition, this plus-value also impacts Cleveland real estate, which has more and more appeal to investors around the world.

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