Play House Square, Cleveland's Broadway.

Play House Square

Play House Square is positioned as the entertainment complex of the city of Cleveland. Located downtown. Theatres, concert halls. It is the largest arts center in the United States. Except for New York and its famous Broadway or Lincoln Center in the middle of Manhattan.

Construction of the Play House Center began in 1921. The building was completed in record time, just over a year and a half.

This artistic centre has gradually let its future slip and due to lack of attendance the theatres have closed their curtains. However, under the action of residents and the renewal of downtown Cleveland, the building is renovated, rehabilitated and reopened.

A municipal team.

Under the direction of J D Rockefeller assisted by renowned architects, the renovation of the site and its preservation for an indefinite period of time. This sector was primarily intended to appeal to lovers of artistic culture.

Mr. Rockefeller.

Inaugural president of the center in 1956 proposed his resignation in 1961 to become its president. Each considers that it is responsible for more than half of the funding needed to build the centre, which is more than $92 million.

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund was also involved in the reconstruction project. The architects commissioned for this great reconstruction decided to keep the three parts of the former centre. David Geffen Hall, formerly Avery Fisher Hall. Completed in 1962. David H Koch formerly Philarmonic Hall completed in 1964. Metropolitan Opera House former New York Theatre completed 1966.

No one knows whether this art center was named for its location in the Lincoln Square neighborhood or as a tribute to former President Lincoln.

Real estate.

From this area of Cleveland has the coast with investors from the United States, but also seduces investors from all over the world. The area is attractive in terms of the rents collected. Rental demand is strong and remains growing. The targeted tenants are usually art lovers, or art enthusiasts. They are willing to pay higher rents than in other parts of the city. Nevertheless, the supply is low, the tenants who occupy a property in this neighborhood stay there for long periods of time. All the lucky property owners in Cleveland agree that the rental investment in this area offers a very high return on investment.

In 2004, Play House Square expanded with the addition of new buildings for Jazz, from the beginning of 2006 until 2012, strong modernizations were made to maintain the site at a very high level of quality including the construction of a bridge connecting it to the sixty fifth West Street.

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